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Choosing Treatment

    According to studies, the best prognosis for a sustained recovery is an inpatient rehabilitation program of sufficient length followed by a 12 step program and family counseling. This takes time, money and commitment.  Some people achieve sobriety by getting a sponsor and sticking with AA or other twelve-step program while others may need a more intensive program to begin with, such as an inpatient program or residential rehab center.  And, for some, many rounds at inpatient are necessary. The Clinical Director at a nearby treatment center went to rehab six times before he was able to successfully kick his heroine habit.  Now he is an inspiration for others.

    Whatever treatment is tried, a good fit is important.   

       Criteria to consider is the person’s drug history, age, available resources and possible co-occurring diagnosis. Equally important is the program’s approach and success rate with



Addiction is called a “family disease” for good reason.

It has the potential to impact and be impacted by the family.  It may be transmitted from one generation to the next.  Involving the family in treatment has a direct bearing on the success of the treatment. Historically, interventionists have ignored this important aspect of recovery. Now, as a jumpstart to recovery, Barbara Nelson has developed an intervention which addresses the whole family. Gentle, respectful, non-shaming and comprehensive, it is an excellent alternative to confrontational interventions. 

Best of all, it prevents lingering resentments.

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the services of an addiction specialist who is familiar with, yet independent of, the rehab programs being considered for an informed and impartial decision. As an independent Interventionist and Therapist, Barbara Nelson keeps current through visitations and contact with rehab programs, and her affiliation with a nationwide network of independent interventionists.Beware of researching a facility online via a “finder” website which may look “independent” but actually be directing you to one particular program.  Go to Events and Articles to find an article that describes more fully what to be aware of.

this profile, the staff, its reputation for ethical, compassionate and respectful treatment

of its clients,  the campus, amenities, current population, cost, opportunity for

scholarships,  availability of medical staff and medically supervised detox.

Basing this important decision on an appealing website, cost,

location, or any other superficial criteria can be an expensive mistake.  Better to enlist

By the time they graduate, most patients feel very good about their rehab program, the

treatment they have received, and the skills  that they will use for the rest of their lives.

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