Addiction Counseling for Marin County

Effective Strategies

To Deal with Addiction

  1. Are you dealing with someone who

  2. -avoids the issue and minimizes the behavior?

  3. -treats you with disrespect or contempt?

  4. -blames you for the problems?

  5. -is overmedicating with prescription drugs or who refuses to take the medication prescribed for a mental condition?

  6. Do you feel

  7. -angry, hurt, resentful, and/or powerless?

  8. -that you’ve done everything and nothing has worked?

  9. Do you

  10. -lecture, beg, reason, engage in fights that go nowhere?

  11. -take on responsibility that doesn’t belong to you?

  12. -tolerate an intolerable situation?

  13. Or, does none of the above apply, but you know someone

  14. is in trouble and you just don’t know how to help.

Addiction can impact all within it’s reach.  By the time the situation can no longer be denied, those close to it may be feeling at loss to know how to deal with it.  The demon “addiction” likes it that way.  It hopes you will do nothing. But just by visiting this website, you are doing something and the good news is that this chronic disease can be treated. Fortunately, it is now known what must be done to break through denial and to introduce sobriety and recovery for the user and the family. Help is available.  Here’s what you can do to start:

  1. Seek Help

  2. -Commit to change.

  3. -Let those of us who have made this our life’s work guide you.

  4. -Don’t believe there is nothing you can do, or that you’ve done everything.  It isn’t true,  but, you may be required to stop doing what you’ve been doing.

  5. -Don’t believe “they have to want to be helped”.  If you wait for that to happen, it may be too late.

  6. -Learn everything you can about the disease of addiction.

  7. -Know what is meant by enabling.  It is tricky, so, be on your toes.

  8. -Find out why people keep mentioning Al Anon.

  9. -Peruse this website.

  10. -Make an appointment with Barbara Nelson, so that together, we can develop an effective action plan.

Barbara E. Nelson MA, LMFT, BRI

Marriage and Family Therapist

Family Intervention Specialist



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