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    Emotional FITness for the Family




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What about family members who live out of the area?

Once they understand the importance, family members fly in, but FIT can go to them as well.

What if Someone Refuses to Attend?

There are two reasons that even the most resistant people accept the invitation:

  1. 1. The “family system” is powerful , even for those who have turned their back on it. 

  2. 2.  Few people would choose to be left out of a family meeting  that everyone else is attending.

Why not Just Do a Quickie Intervention and Get it Over With?

Because you want your investment to pay off over the long term.

The advantages to the FIT method are numerous. Every participant attends of their own free will and the client is the family, so this method prevents any one person feeling betrayed or singled out. FIT not only has the potential to halt generational trauma and dysfunction, and point the way to recovery, it increases intimacy, trust, honesty, awareness and joy in families that have been ravaged by the disease. 

Can You Guarantee Results ?

No one intervention system can do that.  If you mean will the person of most concern show up, the chances are far greater with this method that the person will not only show up but will participate and while not all results are immediately apparent, they are of long lasting,  fundamental value to adequately support  eventual recovery. 

Imagine alcoholism or another dependency as a germ that invades a pleasant environment, and grows there, gradually infecting the residents and spoiling the environment.  The process is slow, so the residents come to think of the situation as inevitable, even normal.  Finally, the most vulnerable resident, begins manifesting such disturbing symptoms that the pathogen’s presence can no longer be denied.  But by now, it has a stronghold and it will be difficult to eradicate.

To be well and to prosper, all the residents must be treated. This is the reason such a dependency is called “a family disease” and why studies show that sustained recovery requires family involvement.

When family attempts to intervene fail, the pathogen, continues to infect the environment and its residents and invariably manifests in another way, in another resident or in another generation.

The Family Insight Training (FIT) equips the whole family to intervene on dependency and codependency by addressing the afflicted environment, the subtle, as well as the obvious manifestations and it identifies the specific alterations that will be effective.

Developed by Psychologist Barbara Nelson, the Family Insight Training is the culmination of her work at rehab centers and in private practice as Family Therapist and Intervention Specialist.

FIT is gentle, compassionate, inspiring and yes, even fun. It takes place over a period of from ten to twenty hours in a private setting free of distractions.  There are no unpleasant surprises. The family learns about dependency and co-dependency, how it operates and how it applies to their situation.  Participants learn tools for addressing sensitive issues respectfully and effectively.

The Family Insight Training jumpstarts recovery by providing a solid foundation and inspiring acceptance of adequate treatment. The information gained and tools learned continue to support healing for the whole family long into the future.

Barbara E. Nelson MA, LMFT, BRI

Marriage and Family Therapist

Family Intervention Specialist


It takes just one family member to champion Family Insight Training.  If you are that person you

will receive all the information you need to introduce it to your family and gain their cooperation

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