1. Are you dealing with someone who

  2. -stonewalls (refuses to engage)?

  3. -minimizes your concerns?

  4. -treats you with disregard , blame or contempt?

  5. Do you feel

  6. -lonely, rejected, disrespected, resentful

  7. hurt, betrayed, criticized, bored, angry?

  8. -that you have little, if any influence?

  9. Do your discussions

  10. -escalate and turn into arguments?

  11. -never seem to get resolved?

  12. -end up with you not feeling heard?

  13. Do you or does someone you know

  14. -avoid “touchy subjects?”

Relationship Counseling for Marin County

Barbara Weick Nelson

Marriage and Family Therapist

Family Intervention Specialist




  1. Relationships with spouses, friends, family and colleagues enrich our lives, but

  2. getting along can be a challenge. Expectations, money, sex, betrayal, responsibility issues, communication difficulties or, perhaps, untreated

  3. depression or addiction, you name it, conflicts are inevitable.

  1. Take Heart.

  2. Anyone can

  3. Learn to

  4. Tenderize

  5. Tough Issues

  6. and

  7. Reap the Rewards:

  8. Increased Intimacy,

  9. Honesty, Awareness,

  10. and Joy in Your Relationships

  1. Unresolved conflict breeds tension, contempt and distancing. Living with tension

  2. is harmful, not only emotionally, but, when left untended, physically and spiritually

  3. as well. An experienced, neutral, third party can help troubled friends, co-workers,

  4. couples and families restore the joy in their relationships.

“My work with troubled relationships has its origins in the addiction field where the

progressively destructive nature of addiction is no more evident than the harm

it does to relationships. I now apply those skills to my private practice counseling, as well as in my “Tune-up for Couples” and the “Family Insight Workshop. No  issue is too big or too small to transform into life-sustaining movement and most can be resolved in a relatively short amount of time, free of conflict.”

Barbara E. Nelson MA, LMFT, BRI

Marriage and Family Therapist

Family Intervention Specialist


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